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Top Christmas Gifts For Women To Make Them Sparkle

Choosing the perfect present can be tricky, especially if you have a beautiful lady in your life and you have no idea what the top Christmas gifts for women are.

Whether she’s your Mom, wife, sister, daughter, or even a co-worker, odds are there is a woman in your life who you want to find the perfect holiday present for.

The holidays are made for feelings of joy, warmth (especially when you’re cuddling by the fire), and togetherness. It’s that wonderful time of the year when we get to spend quality time with friends, family, or that special someone. Autumn arrives and it’s like the falling leaves and colder weather are whispering to us, telling us it’s time to prepare for the gift-giving season. What a perfect time to sit down with a hot cup of cocoa and start making your holiday gift list.

Tis’ The Season...Are You Ready?

Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, we love the important people in our lives and we want to make their holiday joyful. There’s something so exciting about finding that perfect gift for someone you care about and imagining the smile on their face as they open your gift. It can really make all the gift hunting, list making, and Google searches feel worthwhile. Choosing the perfect present can be tricky though, especially if you have a beautiful lady in your life and you have no idea what the top Christmas gifts for women are.

Whether she’s your Mom, wife, sister, daughter, or even a co-worker, odds are there is a woman in your life who you want to find the perfect holiday present for. Gift shopping is a challenge though. Even if you have the most loving intentions in your heart, it’s hard to decide on a gift, especially if she already seems to have everything or if there’s a time crunch and you need to hurry up to find a last minute gift. Let’s face it, we’ve all had that “OH NO!” moment. We understand.

If you need to ship (or worse yet travel with) a bunch of presents, it can make everything so much more complicated. Not only do you need to think of a gift idea that will show her how much you care, but you have to take size and weight into consideration. You may really want to give her that shiny new sports car for Christmas, but it probably won’t fit in your carry-on. 

If you are travelling for the holidays, it might even be a good idea to pack some small and easy to manage gifts. You never know when you’ll suddenly realize you’ve forgotten somebody. You might even be invited to a party at the last minute and will want to really impress by having an amazing hostess gift at the ready. When it comes to the holidays, it’s probably wise to take a note out of the Scout Handbook and “be prepared”.

Have No Fear...We’ve Got Your Back

We know that the most important part of a gift is the thought that goes behind it. The dollar value of a present is the last thing on a woman’s mind when she gets a gift from you that really shows how much care and thought you put into it. Knowing that you really took the time to think about her needs is the greatest gift of all. If it’s a gift that she didn’t even realize she needed until you gave it to her, you’ll instantly receive gift giving Rock Star status.

It could take an eternity to try to think of something smart, small, and easy to pack. It could take even longer if you really want to leave her in awe of how thoughtful you are. If you have a plane to catch, that’s just not an option. Your time is better spent enjoying your holiday and your loved ones. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top Christmas gifts for women to make your holidays a little less stressful.

Get Ready To WOW Her : Your Top Christmas Gifts For Women

If you’ve been running around trying to find the perfect gift for her that will put a smile on that special lady’s face, we’ve got you covered. These gift ideas will make a huge statement without a huge expense. When it comes to being thoughtful, these gifts are exactly what you’re looking for, and that’s what puts them on our list of the top Christmas gifts for women. 

1. Travel jewelry case by @Mejuri $85

Any woman on the go needs a good storage solution for her jewelry. What we love the most about this cute and functional case is the belt that holds 3 pairs of earrings. It’s so popular that it has sold out several times. If the woman you are shopping for has missed it, or if she’s just tired of digging around in the corners of her luggage for stray jewelry items, she will love this charming and very thoughtful gift.

2. Chrysmela Catch, the most secure earring back $50

A perfect gift for all jewelry lovers.  If you’re wondering why she hasn’t worn that special pair of earrings you gave her last year, or she only wears them on special occasions, odds are she is scared of accidentally losing one of them. Chrysmela fits and locks automatically on all types of earrings with posts so she’ll be able to wear them with confidence.   They come in Platinum, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold so she can use them with her favorite pair of earrings.  

3. Chrysmela Catch Extra,  $50

For women of all ages who love wearing earrings.  If she loves statement earrings or has large diamond studs, she will be thrilled to get her favorite Chrysmela Catch with an added Extra disc. This is the big sister of our Chrysmela Catch backing. We’ve added the extra disc to give more lift and support. What could be more thoughtful than giving her the support she needs?

4. A Year of Designer Jewelry

Switch subscription is a treat for a woman who loves jewelry (i.e.  all of us). For just $29 a month, you can give your loved one an endless rotation of jewelry of her own choice. You can start off with a 3 month subscription with an option for a gentle budget if you choose subscribe for longer. This brilliant subscription company has carefully curated jewelries by top luxury brands like Hermes and Chanel to name a few. Not only is this a smart way to enjoy jewelry for less, but it is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

5. Cuyana  Mini Jewelry Case  $105

There are so many things to love about this travel case: a) The special earring holder means she can securely place and carry her earrings (locked with Chrysmela, of course),  B) the wrap around inner pouch prevents the jewelry inside from moving around which is perfect for larger bangles or her favorite Tiffany bone cuff, and C) good capacity to hold all the jewelry she’ll need for a trip but still small enough to tuck in the bottom of her carry-on bag. There’s also an added bonus. It’s monogrammable to give it that extra personal touch.

6. Chrysmela Pearl Earring jacket with Swarovski crystal pearls.  $85

If you want to show her just how special she is, why not start by giving her a gift that will make her favorite earrings even more spectacular. They can even help expand her earring wardrobe by mixing and matching them. These earring jackets will glam up any pair of earrings with the extra sparkle of Swarovski crystal pearls.

7. Jewelry Gift Card 

If you’re already giving her one of Chrysmela’s beautiful and thoughtful products, why not kick that gift up a notch by adding a jewelry gift card? Turn your four-star gift idea into  five-stars, by giving her a jewelry gift card from the fabulous jewelers in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills that are the go-to jewelry sources for her favorite celebrities and fashionistas.

Now You Get To Watch Her Face Light Up

That won’t be the reflection of the Christmas lights making her face light up when you give her one of these amazing and thoughtful gifts. She’ll be glowing with happiness because she’ll know just how much you’re thinking of her because she means the world to you. When you have the top woman in your life to shop for, one of these top Christmas gifts for women will go a long way towards making her holiday brighter.