Are you a jeweller or a luxury boutique?

Join Chrysmela to offer sustainable choice to replace disposable, unreliable backs that don't match the quality and beauty of your earrings.    Chrysmela also makes a great sales tool to reconnect with customers.  Here's how.

Chrysmela helps your clients to wear earrings with confidence everyday.  With that confidence, they'll consider upgrading to a better and bigger pair of earrings.  For your store staff, Chrysmela will save their precious time.   One pair replaces all types of earring backs, including screw backs.  It supports straight posts 0.6-1.1mm in diameter, the widest range in the industry.

Our wholesale program is simple.   Minimum order 12 units, in any combination of our products.  No need to set up an account - simply email us at and we'll send you an online order form.  

Jewelers often ask us why Chrysmela is not made of solid gold or platinum.  Our patented precision technology is only possible to realize with strong material, surgical stainless steel.  Our gold and platinum coatings are in 99.9% purity, so every surface that touches your skin is nearly pure precious metal.  

Find out why over 1,000 jewelers carry Chrysmela in Japan, where it has been No.1 category leader.   We look forward to hearing from you.



The @Chrysmela Chief