Fashion meets innovation

Chrysmela is the most secure, lock-and-unlock earring back on the market. Never worry about losing an earring ever again.

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At Chrysmela we believe you should flaunt your favorite looks, not hide them away in a jewelry box. With precision technology and a patented design. We invite you to wear your most cherished pieces with confidence.

Your earrings, upgraded

Give your look a lift with the perfect blend of comfort and style. Chrysmela Extra fits most earring posts and adds much needed support for hoops and statement styles. Extra light, chic  and secure backings means  no slip, only shine.

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Create a new look

Our signature secure Swarovski Pearl Earring Jacket is an instant upgrade. Simply lock and wear to create that elegant look with the added perk of peace of mind through Chrysmela’s patented and trusted technology.

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Every earring, every occasion。

Easy to use. Comfortable to wear. Available in platinum, 24k yellow gold, and rose gold.

Chrysmela Catch


The Most Secure Earring Back. Period. Locking technology fits most earrings on the market today.

Chrysmela Extra


Chrysmela Catch with added support disc, perfect for delicate earlobes and stretched piercings.

Swarovski Pearl Earring Jacket


Add a touch of glam to all your favorite earrings with three colors of Swarovski pearls.

The Duchess Collection

Channeling the spirit of princess. Gorgeous yet casual.  You know who we are talking about.

A Perfect Gift


Something she didn't know she needed.  A good thing comes in a small package.  

Neuron Earring Jacket Set


Smart, cool, and FUN?  This is a must have earring jacket for you.