The Story Behind The Most Secure Earring Back in The World

Our founder and inventor, Eri Kikunaga came up with the idea after fighting and breaking up with a then-boyfriend over losing an earring he had gifted her.   Realising how often people lose their earrings, she decided to solve the problem once and for all.

At Chrysmela, we understand firsthand, personally, the value of  emotional and financial investment in earrings for everyone.   Our core value is grit to realise a dream.   Two hundred high-tech factories said "no" to us that  it was impossible to make Chrysmela.   However, we found the solution in repurposed precision technology of smartphones.  Our proven technology since 2008 is patented in 5 countries:  the US, UK, France, Italy and Japan, where we've been No.1 in the entire jewelry category for a few years.

All our products are made in Japan with the same precision technology for smartphones and fine watches. Each back has its own serial number and is hypoallergenic with a surgical stainless steel mechanism. Our platinum and gold coatings have 99.9% purity.  

Chrysmela is all about Fashion Freedom.  We'd like you to feel free to wear your diamond studs and other favorite earrings everyday with confidence.   Upgrade the special occasion earrings to an everyday status.  

Mayumi and Eri xoxo



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