The Extra Disc
The Extra Disc
The Extra Disc
The Extra Disc

The Extra Disc



The Extra Disc



To replace Chrysmela Extra's discs or add to your Chrysmela Catch for extra support and lift.   Simply snap onto Chrysmela.  A photo instruction card is included.   

New!  For those who have multiple pairs of Chrysmela, a larger pack of 6 individual discs is now available.

Free shipping for all orders $50 and more.   

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Trenace Burrows
Great product, great customer service

The plastic back of my earring broke (it was several years old). I asked Chrysmela if I could buy just the replacement plastic backings instead of a whole new set of backings. They promptly sent me the link for the replacement plastic discs. I ordered and it showed up at my door in a timely manner.

Mark J
Plastic Backing Disc Rescue

I recently purchased the plastic discs that can be added to the Chrysmela earring backs to help alleviate my wife fumbling with her earring backs at night when she's getting ready for bed. She used to complain and grouse about fumbling with them and dropping them in the sink in the process of removal. After reading some of the reviews about the plastic base backing that comes with the backs for heavier earrings, I thought it might be worth a try to see if the addition of the plastic bases would make the backs a little easier for her to handle.
Well, I haven't heard complaining or grousing - a total success!!! The plastic bases help her to hold and remove the backs much easier than before. If you are having similar issues, give these bases a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed - they're relatively inexpensive, so really nothing to lose.

Suzanne Rivera
Spare discs

Love that I could change out my disc! Great invention for sure. So excited to know that you carried these. Now I can continue to use my earring backs! Thank you.

E. Doris Cadavid
Great customer service.

Replaced one that cracked in half. Easy to attach to post. Customer service was excellent. Thank you!

Perfect Security Earring Backs

I use these on all my earrings and have confidence they can’t fall off.