The Extra Disc
The Extra Disc
The Extra Disc
The Extra Disc

The Extra Disc



The Extra Disc



To replace Chrysmela Extra's discs or add to your Chrysmela Catch for extra support and lift.   Simply snap onto Chrysmela.  A photo instruction card is included.   

New!  For those who have multiple pairs of Chrysmela, a larger pack of 6 individual discs is now available.

Free shipping for all orders $50 and more.   

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Donna Worthing
Easy to assemble

Lost the disks for my secure earring back. These were easy to assemble and very reasonably priced. Thanks Chrysmela!

P. Nicholson
Security at it’s finest

I love my Chrysmela catch with the disc. I feel confident my earrings are secure with Chrysmela catch. It is invaluable peace of mind knowing your earrings will not be lost due to the earring backs coming off. I have experienced that very thing and it’s not good. I lost an expensive diamond stud. Thanks to Chrysmela, no worries now! And the Extra Discs hold my earrings in the correct position, comfortably. Thank you for a much needed product and one that lives up to what it is designed to do. I loved them so much, I bought 2 pairs my first order and have already made another order so that I have backups on hand.

Lynn Chou
Extra discs

I’ve been using these locking backs for several years now and absolutely love them. In my opinion the plastic discs are essential. Too bad they weren’t made to be part of the earring back- one solid piece. The plastic starts to break down after many months of use. Glad this site sells replacement discs.

Roberta Rawlings
Great product

I lost one of my silver Chrysmela. I love them so much, I ordered another pair. This time in gold. They position my earrings correctly and I trust that they will hold. Thank you for a great product.

I love them

I ordered my first locking pair of earring locks from Amazon. When the disc broke I looked on Amazon for a replacement but I couldn’t find one. Ordering on the Chrysmela site was quick and easy and I would do it again if need be. I like the fact that the discs force the earrings to stand up on the ears instead of falling forward. Very happy with my purchase.