screwbacks on diamond stud earrings are hard to use, painful, and difficult to remove.  Chrysmela replaces screw backs and works beautifully on screw posts to protect your diamond stud earrings.
Diamond Earrings vs Screw Backs

Screw backs are a popular option for earring backs because of the perceived notion of security. We’ve seen the other side of things, where people are walking away from them after a bad experience, and moving toward a better alternative.

Allow us to ask you a few questions:

How long does it take you to screw in your screw backs daily?

Can you do this task with long nails, or reduced mobility?

Do you find yourself getting frustrated, or not wearing your earrings at all?

Do you ever twist them too tight, and get stuck with discomfort?

Did your jeweler suggest changing your favorite studs to screw posts, but you are on the fence?

Are you getting a new pair of diamond earrings but too afraid to wear them outside of the house?

If these questions have you rethinking your relationship with your screw backs,

Chrysmela is the answer.

Screw backs are pain to use.  Chrysmela replaces screw backs and all other conventional earring backs automatically.

Chrysmela automatically replaces your screw backs and any other conventional earring backs.

Simply apply Chrysmela onto the earring post to lock automatically. It takes less than a second to successfully lock in your earrings, and our patented technology allows for a range of ear lobe sizes, as well as post diameters. (On thicker screw posts, please apply Chrysmela in the “unlocked” position to avoid extra friction).

We are happy to answer any questions as you make the switch - and highly recommend to stock up on enough Chrysmela to go around your jewelry box, or for the most thoughtful gifts!