Chrysmela Earring Jackets Size Comparison Chart
Chrysmela Earring Jackets Size Comparison Chart

Chrysmela Earring Jackets Size Comparison Chart: 0.5 ct vs. 1.5 ct Diamond Studs


Many of our valued customers have asked about how our Chrysmela Earring Jackets look when paired with different sizes of diamond studs. We've compiled a visual comparison for you below, showcasing the stunning difference between our jackets on 0.5 ct (5mm) and 1.5 ct (8mm) diamond studs. This guide aims to assist you in visualizing the diverse styles our earring jackets offer when paired with varying front earrings.

Size Comparison Chart:

Left: 0.5 ct (5mm) Diamond Stud
Right: 1.5 ct (8mm) Diamond Stud

Chrysmela earring jacket look size comparison with different diamond studs

Left earring jacket: Duchess Collection Round Fireworks

Right earring jacket: Fireworks Grande Diamond White (also available in Fuchsia)


Left earring jacket: Duchess Collection Square

Right earring jacket: Celestial Collection Rocket (channeling Space X)



golf club earring jackets powered by Chrysmela on different size of diamond stud earrings



Golf Club earring jacket:  Designed to mix-and-match with below.


Left earring jacket: Chip In

Right earring jacket: One Putt



We hope this visual representation assists you in envisioning the versatility and elegance our Chrysmela Earring Jackets bring to different sizes of diamond studs. If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to reach out to us via email. Happy shopping and discovering the perfect match for your style!


On The Cover Photo:
Left earring jacket:  Barbie's Dream
Right earring jacket: Milky Way