Pearl Earring Jackets
Santa’s Secret : Pearl Earring Jackets Are On Her Secret Holiday Gift List

Diamonds Are Forever But Pearl Earring Jackets Add Sophistication! You may have heard that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but women love pearls too. No wonder this season, pearls are all the rage at major brands such as Dior and Chanel.

The holidays are here, and this holly jolly time of year brings with it a lot of hustle and bustle. Spending time with your loved ones is so important, especially at this time of year, and no one wants to waste any more time than they have to stressing over their holiday gift list. We all have the same dread when it comes to holiday shopping. Choosing the perfect gift for someone you love is an amazing feeling, but coming up with ideas can add unnecessary stress to your holiday.

It may be a gift for your wife, your mother, or your daughter that has you haunting the internet like the ghost of Marley. It may be a last minute hostess gift, a present for your boss, or even a little something to fill that last empty spot in her stocking. Whatever it is you’re looking for, a little help would probably go a long way right now.

Christmas should never get you stressed out. Your holidays should be spent enjoying the season, cookies and eggnog, ugly Christmas sweaters, and magical moments curled up nice and cozy with that special someone.That’s why Santa has authorized the release of this very important, top secret information. If anyone asks, we didn’t tell you this.

Top Secret: Do Not Share!

Normally, our Christmas wish lists are kept super confidential. The North Pole has a highly secure facility and an Elf Secret Service that dedicate themselves to keeping wish list information secure. So if anyone finds out Santa allowed this information to be revealed, Christmas could be over forever! So just take this information and use it to give her the most amazing holiday gift ever and never reveal our secret to anyone.

The secret Santa has decided to share with you is this. Every woman would LOVE to get a pair of earring jackets for Christmas. You may not know what earring jackets are. You may never have even heard of earring jackets before. One thing is as certain as Rudolph’s shining nose though. If she finds them under the tree she will be one happy lady this holiday season. 

Here’s the scoop...

What Are Earring Jackets?

Earring jackets are decorative pieces that are added to a pair of earrings to dress them up and add a little extra bling. They attach to the earring stud through a small hole so that it “jackets” the earring. They are comfortable, beautiful, and easy to use. Earring jackets allow her earrings to change outfits just as often as she wants. The best part is that, from diamond to pearl, earring jackets come in countless varieties.

Pearl Earring Jackets Are Like Getting Hundreds Of Pairs In One 

Women love versatility, especially when it comes to their accessories, and that’s why a set of diamond, crystal, or pearl earring jackets are on her secret holiday wish list. She might not even know how badly she wants them herself, but when she opens your gift that will all change. Imagine how thoughtful she’ll think you are when you give her a gift that even she didn’t know she really needed in her life. 

She will be able to wear her earring jackets with any of her current earrings, not only giving her more choices, but also adding an elegant and couture look to her already stunning earlobes. When you give her Chrysmela pearl earring jackets, you will be giving her the gift of beauty and elegance as well as versatility.  

Diamonds Are Forever But Pearl Earring Jackets Add Sophistication

You may have heard that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but women love pearls too.No wonder this season, pearls are all the rage at major brands such as Dior and Chanel. Every refined lady is likely to have several pearl pieces in her jewelry box for those occasions when she wants to add a little elegance to her look. Even Audrey Hepburn wore an iconic pearl necklace for her breakfast at Tiffany’s.

When she pairs her Chrysmela pearl earring jackets in grey or white with her favorite earrings, they will add an instant couture look to whatever she is wearing. They are the perfect accessory to make a quick transformation from a day to an evening look, and they are small enough that she can carry them with her wherever she goes. 

Added Romantic Bonus - Did you know that pearls are called “teardrops of the moon”? Hindu legend says that the moon wept dewdrops into the sea and those tears became pearls. Tell her that story while dancing with her to some soft music, and she is sure to go weak in the knees.

Give Her The Added Security Of Chrysmela With Her Pearl Earring Jackets

There is something that many men don’t know about when it comes to women and their earrings. The truth is that many women are terrified to wear their best earrings. Every woman knows how easy it is to lose an earring. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a woman who has never lost an earring at some point in her life. Even if she hasn’t lost it, she will have had one pop off of her earlobe at an inopportune time. That’s why most women won’t wear expensive or heirloom pieces.

This is another reason why buying her Chrysmela pearl earring jackets is a great holiday gift idea. Every pair of pearl earring jackets comes with the patented Chrysmela Catch double locking earring back. They are the most secure earring backs on the market today so she can wear her favorite earrings with confidence, knowing that she never has to worry about losing an earring again. 

The  pearl disc is even detachable so she can use her Chrysmela earring lock to replace her other, conventional earring backs. There aren’t too many gift ideas out there that can offer beauty, elegance, and peace of mind. Are you starting to understand why she needs these earring jackets in her life (and you need them on your shopping list too)?

Why Stop At Pearl Earring Jackets?

There are so many choices when it comes to earring jackets. If you are looking for an even more refined look, check out these stunning Chrysmela Princess Collection Earring Jackets.  If you want to add a little more glitter and sparkle, why not consider getting her a beautiful earring and jacket set? 

These Shizuku earring jacket sets are hand made by Masaaki Takahashi in heirloom quality in Japan. A master of YoseMono high art jewelry design is rare, such a master as Takahashi is priceless, and all Chrysmela Swarovski crystal earring jackets are made by this skilled craftsman. They offer a timeless elegance and beauty to match that of the woman whose earlobes they were destined to grace. She’ll feel like red carpet royalty wherever she goes wearing this gorgeous earring jacket set. They sparkle even brighter than real diamonds, because of the delicate lace like quality of the craftsmanship that goes into making them.

It Couldn’t Get Easier

Take the guesswork out of your holiday shopping by giving her the gift of beauty and elegance. Every earring jacket set you buy from Chrysmela comes with the state of the art, patented Chrysmela Catch, to provide her the security to wear your gift all year long no matter where she is going or what she is doing. She will love them even more while traveling and on vacation, because they are so versatile, extending her jewelry wardrobe.

With the unlimited style options that earring jackets provide, you can rest assured that these pieces will never go out of style. Why not dress her earrings this holiday season with the earring jackets that will keep on giving her fresh new looks for years to come? There is no better gift than one that keeps on giving and you will definitely earn huge brownie points with her for being such a thoughtful gift giver.