Interview with Margaret Rowe, Jewelry Designer to the Stars
Interview with Margaret Rowe, Jewelry Designer to the Stars

Chrysmela not only supports all kinds of earrings, but we are also big admirers of jewelry designers at all points in their career. We love learning how they create and run their fabulous brands in the very competitive business of jewelry.  Recently, we sat down with Margaret Rowe and asked her some questions we have always been curious about.



Chrysmela (C): What inspired you to start your jewelry brand to the stars, @MargaretRowe?

Margaret (M):  I have always loved everything vintage because it is a “mirror of the moment” and threads us to our past. I was especially inspired by the intricate detail of an antique pearl bracelet that belonged to my great grandmother from Prague. I wanted to design and work with my hands so I initially created a vintage couture collection with 1920’s elements. My brand has expanded to fourteen collections since then, all with a modern vintage vibe.

C:  Which of your own jewelry designs is your favorite?   Why?

M:  I love my One-Of-A-Kind Vintage Couture Periwinkle Cluster Drop Necklace with elements from the 1940’s in pastel blue stones with coordinating vintage couture pastel blue drop earrings—all one-of-a-kind, made by my designing hand. I love the feminine intricacy of the vintage elements and the tones which bring out my blue eyes.

C:  What are the most popular items in your collection for the red carpet?

M:  Long, dramatic statement pieces like my Garden of Love and Baguette Leaf earrings are very popular. And, always an oversized statement ring like my Nouveau Leaf ring to catch the eyes of the red carpet photographer. For brides, my most popular pieces are the Center of the Universe and Deco Penn Pearl earrings. My Immaculate Princess Cut Necklace is a fan favorite!

Deco Penn Earrings



C:  You always look amazing, photo ready.  What are your style secrets? 

M:  Thank you!! It’s definitely all about styling. Tailoring can be your best friend in achieving a polished look. It’s important to know the highlights of your figure and the secret is in the fit of your clothing. Know what colors will flatter your skin tone and bring out the color in your eyes. And, my favorite part of styling is accessorizing which punctuates and elevates your look. Every woman is a star and deserves to shine. Always add sparkle to your look!

C:  What are your go to jewelry pieces for a big event and important meeting?   Why?

M:  Lately, my favorite piece has been my Pure As Passion Diamontage Tassel Necklace, Swinging Baguette Hoop Earrings,Trielle Bracelet and Center of the Universe statement ring. These pieces coordinate well together and create the perfect balance, each piece complementing the other. This “suite of jewelry” is just the right amount of sparkle and shine.


Swinging Baguette Hoop Earrings


C:  What would you say to young designers looking to get their start in the jewelry industry?

M:  My advice is to create a signature style that sets your jewelry apart from competitors. This could be a unique design element, a particular material, or a distinct aesthetic that defines your brand. Stay true to your brand's vision and values. Consistency in your messaging and design will help build credibility and trust with your audience over time.

It’s important to innovate and evolve your product offerings over time to stay relevant in a competitive market. Keep an eye on industry trends, customer feedback, and emerging technologies to continuously improve and grow your brand. 

Jewelry is wonderful self-expression and tells the world our story.


On the Cover Model:  Center of the Universe Earrings 

Below: Garden of Love Earrings