Smart Summer Travel Essentials
Smart Summer Travel Essentials

As more of the world gets vaccinated, there’s a buzz in the air. People are gathering again, and travel is picking back up. You may be going to visit friends you haven't seen in a year and a half, or meeting your quarantine fling’s family. Since most of us have been grounded for the last year, there is likely a desire to refresh the travel essentials, and even a need for hostess gifts, and we have just the list for you, all under $100.



Chrysmela Catch ($50)

Of course, you saw this one coming. But we really can’t stress enough how much stress this takes off the travel routine. We’re still masked on trains and planes, and Chrysmela keeps your sparkle safe while you take snack and drink breaks along your journey.   Bonus:  Pack an extra pair as a hostess gift to ensure you are invited back to the lake house, or even to dinner!  

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Tumi Just in Case Tote ($100)

If you’re an over packer, or simply love to shop when you reach your destination, this bag is for you. This classic Tumi bag folds up to the size of an iPad, and can be stowed away in case you need some extra space.

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Modern Picnic: The Snacker ($59)

Airport snacks are expensive. The insulated snacker by Modern Picnic will keep your snacks safe and chilled during your flight. When you get to your beach getaway, it doubles as a clutch, for a night out, or to keep your lip balm from liquifying at the beach, or your makeup from melting in the hot car while you squeeze in those quick preflight beach days.

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Jewelry Case   ($45) 

This mini “suitcase” keeps your delicate jewelry safe inside of the rigid, yet lightweight structure.   The best way is to place your earrings and other jewelry inside of Chrysmela Pouch ($10), then place it inside of the Away case.   

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Lip balm ($35)

Sure, there are endless choices of lip balms out there to keep your lips soft and protect them from dry airplane air and sun on the beach. But if you are looking for extra function and glamour, this sugar scrub is it.  

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Hand cream ($65)

Traveling makes your hands parched, but you don’t want to be oily. This indulgent hand cream stops that problem in its tracks. Since it’s a little more glam than Nivea, it also makes a great hostess gift. 

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All of these products can make your trip more smooth, as you begin to venture out into the world again, and as you spend time with friends and family who may be hosting you this summer. We’ll see you in the skies!