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Cupid Spills The Tea About Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts [2021 update]

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Cupid is inundated with letters asking for gift-giving advice. So, as a special ONE TIME ONLY service to his fans, he has decided to come out of hiding and answer your questions about choosing awesome Valentine’s Day gifts.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Chrysmela - We’ve Got Your Back

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Cupid is inundated with letters asking for gift-giving advice. So, as a special ONE TIME ONLY service to his fans, he has decided to come out of hiding and answer your questions about choosing awesome Valentine’s Day gifts. We are so excited he has chosen our blog to use for this very special event! 

Of course, there were thousands of letters from stumped and increasingly stressed gift-shoppers to choose from, and we couldn’t possibly post them all. We’ve chosen our three favorites to have him answer. We hope these answers will help you choose the perfect gift for her this Valentine’s Day so that the most romantic day of the year can be reserved for romance, not stressing.

Hello everyone, CUPID here...

I’ve been slinging arrows all year long and, boy, is my arm tired. That’s why I’ve decided to take a break and answer some of the mail I’ve been getting. I know to some I may be just a little dude in a diaper but, believe me, I know romance and I know the straightest path to her heart (I’ve been doing it for since the beginning of time after all). 

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that I get to sit back and soak in the romance, so I’m here to make sure you’re prepared to make it the most romantic day you’ve ever had. Maybe, just maybe, if you take my advice, you’ll be able to make the perfect shot that will capture her heart and I can give my bow arm a rest. 

First, I’d like to give a special shout out to Chrysmela and their Pearl Earring Jackets with Chrysmela Catch. They are beautiful, elegant and guaranteed to put a smile on her face.  I love anything that is super versatile and these will go with anything on any occasion. That’s why they are my top pick on my list of awesome Valentine’s Day gifts this season. Now here’s the key about everything you wanted to know about the best Valentine’s Day gifts online, right from the heart of Cupid...

When Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts Play Hide And Seek

DEAR CUPID: I’m stumped. I am crazy about my girlfriend and I want to give her an awesome Valentine’s Day gift that shows her how much I care. This is our first Valentine’s together and I know how important that is. I thought maybe a ring but that seems like it might be a little too serious and send the wrong message. I’m committed to her but we’ve only been dating for seven months. I’ve been searching and googling for weeks now, until I can’t even see the computer screen any more. I’m running out of time Cupid, and I’m no further ahead than I was when I started. Please HELP! -- DESPERATELY SEEKING IDEAS

DEAR DESPERATELY: I know how hard it can be and I feel your pain. The perfect gift can be an elusive little devil, but have no fear, I’m experienced at sniffing them out ;). Here’s a secret that, while very simple, eludes most people. The very best gifts are the ones that show genuine thought and care went into them. Now, if the gift actually sparkles a little (or a lot), you’re talking about a home run in the gift-giving department.

Rings are great, but they can hold a certain implied meaning that could really strain a relationship if the timing isn’t right. Jewelry, however, is always a great direction to look in. Why not consider a different kind of ring? I mean earrings of course. Women love earrings because they are a perfect accessory to draw attention to her beautiful face and make her eyes sparkle. Here is a little known, (at least to men), fact about the earrings women love so much. The truth is, a lot of women have trouble wearing earrings because they can be very heavy and cause her earlobes to droop, causing them to not have the beautiful effect they were intended to.

Why not buy her a lovely set of Chrysmela Shizuku Earring Jackets artisan made with dazzling Swarovski crystals? They are stunning and sure to make her feel like a Hollywood starlet walking the red carpet. I don’t know about you but I love anything that can have multiple uses, and these earring jackets are so versatile! She can wear the full earring jacket set for special occasions, or just the beautiful crystal studs for a more casual evening out. She can even pair the jackets with other earring studs to create hundreds of more looks! And guess who she’ll be thinking about every time she wears them ;).

The added bonus is that they are lightweight and come with Chrysmela’s patented Chrysmela Catch earring backs guaranteed to give added lift and security to any earrings she wears them with. They also come in beautiful Shizuku silver or gold, so you can choose the pair that is made for her. Now, that is a gift that shows a lot of thought and caring without the hours of online searches or sleepless nights stressing about what to give her. 

The Technical Side of Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts


Ok, so I’ve heard about these Chrysmela earring backs that are supposed to be the most secure earring backs on the market. I’m giving my wife a very expensive pair of diamond earrings for Valentine’s Day and I know she has lost a lot of earrings over the years. I want to be sure the earrings I buy her are going to be safe and that they’ll actually fit. Do you know anything about these earring backs and how they work? I just want to be sure they can be trusted before I invest in them. Are they really the awesome Valentine’s Day gifts they seem to be? -- WHAT'S THE SCOOP?


This is a great question! The short answer is, yes, they are every bit the awesome Valentine’s Day gifts they seem to be. I’m actually very excited about Chrysmela earring backs, because the technology is absolutely amazing. People Magazine even called it "the most genius jewelry invention, ever!" The Chrysmela Catch has a patented mechanism that uses repurposed precision technology from iPhone cameras! How’s that for advancement in the field of earring backs? Their patented lock-and-unlock technology is easy to use and can securely hold even the heaviest earrings. 

As for fit, most earring posts are 0.7-0.9mm and the Chrysmela Catch is designed to auto-adjust to fit different kinds of earring posts between 0.6-1.1mm in diameter. That means that they are very likely to fit any pair you buy her. If you want to find out more about the technology that goes into the Chrysmela Catch, why not check it out here. It’s a very interesting read and will be sure to put any doubts you’re having to rest.

All Chrysmela products are also hypoallergenic, and the Chrysmela Catch comes in platinum, 24K yellow and rose gold. Why not buy her all three so she never has to worry about losing an earring ever again? After all, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all...except when it comes to her earrings.

Is It An Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Or Not?


I’m so confused. My mother absolutely loves earrings (seriously, her face lights up every time she gets a new pair), so I buy her a new pair for every special occasion. The problem is, whenever I buy her a really nice pair, I never see her wear them again. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I really want to buy her a really fancy pair of earrings but I’m worried I might be getting duped. I mean, does she really like the earrings or am I just wasting my money buying something she’s only pretending to like? She’s the best mom in the world and I wouldn’t put it past her to pretend to love something just because I gave it to her, but I want to give her an awesome Valentine’s Day gift that she’ll really love without pretending. -- CONFUSED AND CONCERNED


Oh boy, you have no idea how many times I get letters just like yours. As Cupid, I have special insight into people’s hearts and I will spill the tea to you about what is really behind situations just like yours. 

I have good news for you. As much as she probably loves anything you give her, there’s also a really good chance that she loves the earrings every bit as much as you think she does. A woman’s relationship with her earrings is a very complicated one that most men have no way of knowing about. You see, there are two potential problems any woman may face when wearing the earrings she loves so much - security and weight.

If you were to look through her jewelry box (any woman’s really), you’re likely to find a lot of unmatched earrings. This is because losing earrings is a very real problem women face every day. Most earring backs just don’t lock as securely as they need to, and the result is that earrings can fall off and get lost very easily. They’re so small that sometimes she doesn’t even know she has lost it until it’s too late. Have you ever seen a woman out in public or at a party that keeps touching her ear? That’s because she’s checking that her earrings are still there. The more she loves her earrings the greater the odds are that she’s terrified of wearing them because she might lose one. It isn’t that she doesn’t love them, it’s that she treasures them too much to take a risk with them.

The other problem is weight. Especially if your mother is getting older and has worn heavy earrings all her life, her earlobes may not be as strong as they once were. The result is that they just don’t have the strength to lift the earrings like they need to in order to display the precious accessories to their best effect. Especially if they are heavier, the earrings may end up facing south rather than sitting properly on her earlobes.

I have great news for you though; news that will not only make her as happy as a baby getting tickles, but will allow her to wear the gifts you have given her with confidence. The Chrysmela Catch is the most secure earring back on the market today, so she won’t have to worry anymore about losing one of your gifts ever again. It also comes in platinum, gold, and rose gold, so they will be able to go with any pair of earrings she owns. 

Here’s a special pro-shopper tip - When in doubt, go with Chrysmela Extra Platinum (or Chrysmela Catch Platinum without a disc for anyone under 40). It’s the most popular seller and most likely to go with anything, or just buy her all three.

If she is worried about her ears being able to support the weight of her earrings, add the Chrysmela Extra Disk. This patented disk is perfectly designed to fit and work with Chrysmela earring backs to add even more lift and support to her earrings. It’s amazing how a little plastic disk, when used with the Chrysmela Catch, can lift even the heaviest earrings and make her look and feel young again. It is better to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous jewelry than to wear droopy looking earrings just because they are fancy. If you give her Chrysmela Extra this Valentine’s Day, her days of suffering those slings and arrows will be over forever.

Even last-minute Valentine’s gifts don’t have to stress you out if you follow the advice I just gave you. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. May your day be filled with all the romance and wonder you could ever hope for, and may all of your awesome Valentine’s Day gifts come with Chrysmela :)

Chrysmela Extra makes the perfect gift for the Valentine's Day