Chrysmela Blog Series - Anna Rawson
Chrysmela Blog Series - Anna Rawson

At Chrysmela, we believe in freedom. Our brand’s motto says it all - fashion freedom, freedom to go and be anywhere in the world, and freedom to live life on your terms. 

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs We Admire

At Chrysmela, we believe in freedom. Our brand’s motto says it all - fashion freedom, freedom to go and be anywhere in the world, and freedom to live life on your terms. 

It can feel like you have to settle in life sometimes. The phrase “you can’t have it all” ringing in your ears, but the truth is that our dreams are only limited by our own ability to dream. If you can dream it, you can have it. All it takes is a little determination and the belief that you are as amazing as we know you are. So go out there and let your power, beauty, and confidence shine for all the world to see.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we will be chatting with strong and beautiful female entrepreneurs who we admire, about their beauty secrets and travel hacks.  Looking and feeling good gives us extra energy and confidence. Let’s learn the secrets of these remarkable women as they reveal how they always look so fabulous.

Anna Rawson

• Beauty, Brains, and Brawn All In One Amazing Woman

There is a lot to be inspired by when we look at the road travelled by Anna Rawson. Professional golfer, model, businesswoman, and mother of two, Anna has done it all. It isn’t her amazing success that is most inspirational, though. It is her constant drive to always beat her best score. She is the very definition of following your dreams and refusing to let any challenges interfere with making them happen.

At the age of 13, she started golfing with her family, and it wasn’t something that came easily for her. With determination and her family’s support and encouragement, she ended up mastering the sport and went on to win a national golf championship in Southern California and spent three years travelling on the LPGA circuit.

“It’s a good metaphor for life. You never know when something good is going to start happening. You have to just stick to your routine and stick to what you’re doing, and just have faith that it will work out.”                                                 - Anna Rawson

Of course, her drive for excellence didn’t stop there. She had more dreams to pursue, and boy did she ever. She got her MBA from Columbia Business School and entered into the business world as the marketing director for Parsons Xtreme Golf, a company that makes golf equipment.

From there, Anna co-founded SeedLyfe, a company that makes natural superfood nutritional supplement powders designed especially for women’s health and wellness. Anna is not only an example of what a determined woman can do, but she is also spreading her dream to improve the health of women everywhere. Her advice to women who may be doubting they have what it takes to become successful? “At any point, you could have a hole-in-one.”

Anna Rawson reveals her favorite beauty products and travel tips for 2020

Pro tips from Anna Rawson

1. Get ready

What is your morning routine? What do you do to add the “finishing touch" before you head out of the door?

I am a complete devotee to the Korean 10 Step face routine – my friend David Cho who started Sokoglam introduced me to the routine five years ago and it transformed my skin – at first it seemed like so many steps but now I don’t even think about it!! My finishing touch before I head out the door is always a lip stain to give my lips a little color that lasts a few hours!

2. Beauty emergency tips

What is your beauty emergency tip? Puffy eyes? Didn’t get enough sleep?

I love Vitamin C powder – especially the one by HealthForce Superfoods made from 100% food-based vitamin C complex from acerola cherry – not all vitamin C is created equal. Most are made with ascorbic acid and not absorbed by the body so does nothing! If you can find a vitamin C powder in food grade form it does wonders for lack of sleep, skin issues, and if I feel a cold coming on.

3. New beauty hack 2020

Are you trying anything new that you are excited about?

I am a big fan of dermaplaning! I go once a month to get my face shaved as when I was pregnant I had a lot of blonde hair growth on my face. It not only makes your face glow it helps with wearing foundation or tinted moisturizer as it goes on so smooth. My skin has never looked so good! I also scrub my face a few times a week because I tend to have a lot of dead cells that build up and can cause bumps.

 4. Travel bucket list 2020 

Where are you going? Where do you want to go this year?

I just got back from New Zealand – and was so lucky to play golf at Tara Iti. It was amazing and probably the best food I have ever eaten – so fresh! I want to go back to Italy this year and we are looking at Portofino but are yet to decide. I also try to do Paris every year because it’s just so romantic and magical, but everything is harder now with two young kids! I hope to get to NYC and also Scottsdale to play at Scottsdale National Golf Club.

5. Packing list 

What are your travel beauty essentials?

I always bring lip balm as my lips get so dry on the plane as well as a sheet mask on Long haul flights. I also pack a SPF lip balm because the sun can be stronger in different parts of the world. I also travel with my Seedlyfe powder (currently drinking New Mom Blend) because plane food is so terrible and it’s an easy way to get a ton of nutrients!

6. In-flight beauty tips 

What do you do before take-off, during the flight and pre-landing?

Before take-off I like to have all my skin care routine ready, so that as soon as my meal is over I can quickly wash my face before the bathrooms get crowded. During the flight, I drink a ton of water. I even buy my own big bottle so I don’t have to keep asking flight attendants for water, and I always avoid alcohol. Pre-landing, I must clean my teeth and spray a face mist!

7. Jewelry On-the-Go

What’s in your travel jewelry case?

Usually a bunch of earring options with my Chrysmela Catch earring backs so I don’t lose anything!! They really do fit all of my earrings (day time studs and dangly or hoops for night time) and the Catch Extra are really great for my heavier pieces. I also just love my Van Cleef necklaces and bracelets.

8. Your Favorite Gift

What’s the best jewelry gift you’ve ever received?

My Martin Katz engagement ring! My husband picked a cushion cut after we had looked at a bunch of round options… I don’t think I would have ever picked it for myself and I just love it as it reminds me of him -  so elegant and sparkly!

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