Swarovski Crystal Earring Jackets
Why Swarovski Crystal Earring Jackets Are On Her Holiday Gift List

It may sound silly, but Swarovski crystal earring jackets and Christmas do have a lot in common...

  1. We always decorate the tree with sparkly ornaments - and top it off with a shining star that tops the whole look off. These earring jackets slip onto her earring’s post as easy as putting a star on top of the tree, and...

With all of the silver and gold decorations and twinkling Christmas lights, there’s no other time of year that sparkles quite like the winter holiday season. Even the snow shines in the moonlight when it hits it at just the right angle. What better time to make sure that the amazing woman in your life is sparkling inside and out than this glimmering, gift-giving, holiday season.

There are so many places to go and things to do during the holiday season. Everything from school Christmas pageants, to family dinners, to work holiday parties and Christmas concerts, keeps us running around and each special event requires a different look. For women this can become a nightmare of outfit and accessory changes, and anything that can help make these shifts is a true Christmas miracle. 

If you’re looking for ideas for your holiday gift list that will make her holiday brighter and make you look like a gift-giving hero, Swarovski crystal earring jackets may be just the answer. Here’s why.

Why Women Love Swarovski Crystal Earring Jackets

Earring jackets are the perfect addition to any woman’s jewelry box for several very important reasons. To understand why, it’s important to know exactly what earring jackets are. They are additional pieces, designed with a small hole, that slides onto the post of the earring. They are called jackets because they literally slip on to provide an added layer of style to any pair of earrings.

One important feature is that they offer limitless versatility to her earring wardrobe. Because they are so easy to use and fit over any earring post, she can wear them with any earrings and therefore double her earring wardrobe.

They are also convenient to travel with. One of the biggest challenges for a woman on the go is packing enough jewelry options that can be used on a big trip. Especially if she gets invited to a last minute black tie gala, her simple pearl or diamond studs may not be quite enough to pull off an elegant evening wear look. If she throws on a pair of stunning Swarovski crystal earring jackets with those pearl studs though, she will be instantly ready to hobnob with the Hollywood elite.

Swarovski crystals are also a great choice to add that extra bling to her look. These crystals are becoming increasingly popular, because they give the same look as diamonds without the expense. They add elegance to any piece of jewelry while giving her the reassurance that they are both environmentally friendly and exploitation free. In this day and age of environmental and political awareness, those are very important qualities.

For all of these reasons, Swarovski crystal earring jackets really are an amazing idea for you to add to your holiday gift list for any of the elegant women on your holiday gift list. If she’s your wife, mother, daughter, or co-worker, these gems are sure to put a smile on her face this Christmas. Spreading joy has never been so easy.

What Do Christmas and Swarovski Crystal Earring Jackets Have In Common?

It may sound silly, but Swarovski crystal earring jackets and Christmas do have a lot in common.

  1. We always decorate the tree with sparkly ornaments - and top it off with a shining star that tops the whole look off. These earring jackets slip onto her earring’s post as easy as putting a star on top of the tree, and they really “top off” her whole look. Your tree may look beautiful without the topper, but that extra shiny finishing touch makes a huge difference. Giving her a gorgeous set of earring jackets to highlight her favorite diamond studs will take her from “beautiful” to “WOW” instantly.
  2. Standing her under the mistletoe will get you a kiss - and putting a set of beautiful Swarovski crystal earring jackets on her ears just might earn you a kiss too. At the very least she will be amazed by how thoughtful you are, and thankful that you thought to make her holiday so much brighter.
  3. Christmas gives us joy all year long - and so will these earring jackets. Because they are so versatile, they can be used for any occasion; and because they are so lightweight, they can travel with her everywhere she goes. That is a gift that will keep giving for years to come.
  4. Three wise men followed a shining star - and one wise man could be placing these shining earring jackets on the lobes of a woman who lights up his life. Careful though, she’ll be sparkling so much she might just attract her own personal entourage because she will be looking like a Hollywood starlet stepping out onto the red carpet.

An Earring Jacket By Any Other Name...

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but when it comes to earring jackets, a name can make a big difference. There are many great brands that have a beautiful selection of earring jackets to choose from.

Anne Sisteron carries a lovely 14K diamond and rose gold earring jacket set that will be sure to add some sparkle to her earlobes as well as the elegance of diamonds. Search their site for even more options

You can also find some beautiful earring jacket choices at Jared or Ross Simmons or any of the many reputable jewelers out there. 

When it comes to a name you can rely on, though, Chrysmela is the brand that has your back. 

While you may be able to find many extremely high quality earring jackets on the market, most will typically come with butterfly backs. While functional, these backs aren’t equipped to hold the weight of the extra layers and metal parts of earring jackets. If you are buying any of those aforementioned beauties, please add Chrysmela. She’ll need the added support and security that Chrysmela offers so she can immediately start wearing the gift without worrying about losing one.

These Shizuku Earring Jacket Sets are one of the many varieties of earring jackets that Chrysmela has to offer. Whichever set you choose though, there are some things that come with every pair.


Every woman has a secret hidden stash of single earrings that she just can’t bring herself to part with, because she lost one of them somewhere. That’s why women only wear their favorite earrings on the most special occasions. With Chrysmela’s wide variety of earring jackets, though, those days will be long over.

Every set of Chrysmela earring jackets comes with Chrysmela’s patented double locking earring backs. They are the most secure earring backs on the market, so she will never have to worry about losing an earring again. Never again will she feel her earring fly off when she is in the changing room (if she’s lucky enough to feel it) or spend an evening feeling her earlobes to make sure her most precious earrings, and jackets, are still there.


These earring jackets are made by Master Swarovski artist, Masaaki Takahashi in Japan.   Handmade in heirloom quality. The century old technique of YoseMono jewelry making, he meticulously applies his family secret to create these featherlight, super shiny, light catching pieces.  He was selected as a top 100 creator in the world by Swarovski, alongside of Karl Lagerfeld and other luminaries.

Takahashi’s graceful skill at jewelry making means that every set sparkles even more brightly than diamonds. Each piece is a true piece of art, as is the lucky lady who wears them.


Instantly get the elegant look of Duchess and starlets with Chrysmela earring jackets. She will be able to channel her fashionista in style wherever she goes. Most earring jackets are rigid and do not move. All earring jackets by Chrysmela move, as she moves. Because all of them are secured by Chrysmela earring lock, both the front stud and back jackets are not going anywhere, but where she is going. Subtle movement of earrings add shine and elegance to her presence.

Can you guess what she’ll be thinking about every time someone compliments her on her earrings? How about the incredible, thoughtful person who gave her those beautiful earring jackets?


Chrysmela earring jackets fit all stud earrings she already has, so she is already doubling her choices of ear accessories. With these beautiful Chrysmela jacket sets (Shizuku, Shining Wing), she will be able to enjoy them 3 ways: as a set, just the jacket for other studs, and the front part as studs only. That means that one earring jacket set could give her 3 incredible looks all on their own.

Our earring jackets are perfect for holiday events, especially when she is traveling. They match and lock any studs she wears during the day - and she can snap on the jackets for an evening of elegance.

So no matter what style you choose to give her, whether it be pearl or Swarovski crystal earring jackets, she is sure to love them. Why not make her sparkle this holiday season and all year round, with a gift that provides her beauty and peace of mind? Her smile as she opens the box will say it all far better than we ever could, and your joy at putting that smile on her face will make you feel like a (gift-giving) King.