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Show Off Your Sparkle: Wear Your Cool Gifts This Season With Confidence

You’ve thought about wearing your new earrings you got during the holidays a few times already - but the thought of losing them pops into your head. You get yourself all dolled up, and when you hold them up to your ears and look in the mirror, you can’t believe how beautiful they look, but what if you lost one? You put them back gently and try to think of yet another good explanation for why you haven’t worn them yet.

This tragic tale has most likely already happened to you at least once: you just got a brand new gorgeous pair of earrings. Whether they were from someone special or from Santa - they’re still absolutely beautiful. And now they are sitting along with all your other earrings in the jewelry box, just waiting for the perfect moment so that you can finally wear them.

You’ve thought about wearing them a few times already - but the thought of losing them pops into your head. You get yourself all dolled up, and when you hold them up to your ears and look in the mirror, you can’t believe how beautiful they look, but what if you lost one? You put them back gently and try to think of yet another good explanation for why you haven’t worn them yet.

This is a truth universally acknowledged by women everywhere - being afraid of wearing an expensive pair of earrings that you know are going to be the cherry on top of your outfit - simply because you might end up losing one of them in the night.

Earrings Mean Much More Than Gorgeous Sparkling Jewelry

It truly is quite remarkable - the fact that a simple pair of earrings can bring both an immense amount of happiness, as well as anxiety, at the same time. The pair is beautiful. They might even be your all-time favorite pair. But the paralyzing fear that you feel when you think about losing one of them makes you avoid wearing them as much as possible, when in fact, you should be able to wear your favorites even more than any other pair. 

You shouldn’t feel so anxious about wearing your elegant new pair of earrings - especially during this holiday season - you should instead be glowing as soon as you put them on. Unfortunately, that rarely seems to be the case for many women.

And even when you do end up talking yourself into finally putting them on and stepping away from the mirror and going to an event, it’s likely that you end up spending most of the evening simply checking that they’re still there, with you, instead of enjoying yourself. 

Now you’ve wasted an entire lovely evening obsessing over potentially losing your earrings, instead of chatting to others, enjoying the food and drink, and most importantly, having fun and being happy.

If this feeling is something that you’re familiar with, and we know that most women are intimately familiar with this situation, we’re here to help you get some peace of mind. You can finally stop worrying about losing your earrings, or even worse - actually losing one of them, and focus on having a good time during the entire holiday season. 

So if you have any suspicions (or even wishes) that you’ll end up with a brand new pair of diamond earrings during the holidays, let us give you some advice that will make your worries disappear forever.

Will You Be Getting All The Cool Gifts This Season?

Last New Year’s Eve and you made a resolution that, this year, it’s going to be different. 

This year, you’re going to be better than ever, no matter what you do. January was a bit rocky - and especially long - but then the next few months you did pretty well. Summer rolled around and you were doing even better! Fall was over before you knew it and now you’re back to the dawn of a brand new year - and this time, the new decade.

You’ve worked hard, achieved quite a lot, and you’ve been a pretty good person - if you do say so yourself. That means you’ve likely already ended up on the “good” list that Santa makes, and you’ll get all the cool gifts this season that you’ve been thinking about for a while now. After all, you deserve something really special as a reward (it isn’t always easy to stay off the naughty list).

So what are all the cool gifts this season that you’ve been dreaming about? Honestly, the possibilities are endless. With brands coming out with tons of new products every season these days, you’re likely to be happy with whatever you end up finding under your tree.

But deep down, we know that most girls dream about being almost as sparkling and shiny as the tree that you’ve decorated with those twinkling lights. FYI - Diamonds are perfect for reflecting all of those gorgeous lights. 

We understand if all you really want to see in one of those packages is a brand new pair of sparkling diamond earrings that you’ll no longer be afraid to wear outside the comfort of your own home. After all, there are few things that make women feel as special as getting a shiny new piece of elegance that she can put on to top off her look? It’s the best choice of all the cool gifts this season.

Just think about it. Christmas morning has finally arrived, the tree is sparkling and the presents underneath it are just waiting to be opened. Or ripped apart - it is a lot faster after all. Your cup is filled with some delicious eggnog, the Christmas playlist has already started, everyone is sitting around in their comfy pajamas, eagerly waiting to see all the cool gifts this season, and if they got what they really wanted. 

Suddenly, you spot a small box out of the corner of your eye, and you become suspicious. There aren’t too many things that can fit in such a small box after all. You look closer, but it’s hard to tell. So you decide to stop waiting around for everyone and their cool gifts this season and pick it up to inspect it more closely.

You start to unwrap the bow and the paper when you notice the familiar Tiffany blue box and start getting even more excited. You finally get all of in unwrapped, open it up and you set your eyes on that shiny pair of earrings you kept seeing on ads these past few months, that you couldn’t get your mind off of.

Honestly, how great would that feeling be? But we’re not quite finished.

The Diamond Earrings - The Cool Gifts This Season

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but her greatest enemy is the heartbreak of losing one. Especially since you were already anxious about wearing them. It’s like you knew this was going to happen sooner or later. And why didn’t you check to see if they were still there earlier?

For some reason, the backs that usually come with the earrings come off the earrings way too easily. It’s like they were made with one purpose in mind, and that purpose is to not do their job properly! You go to put your earrings on, once you’re done, you’ve got about thirty seconds before one of the earring backs starts sliding off the earring. At this rate, keeping earrings on your ears for an entire night should be an Olympic sport.

And although out of all the cool gifts this season that you got, these might just be your favorite thing, keeping them securely attached to your ears is no easy feat. Having an earring fall off without your realization happens way too often - whether it’s while you’re getting ready, on the dance floor, or even during something as simple as walking down the street. 

This is why whenever you see a woman checking for her earrings anywhere, you immediately remember that you haven’t checked yours in a while and start hoping that both of them, as well as the earring backs, are still there. After all, no one wants to lose any cool gifts this season that they just received.

Thankfully, we’re here with a game-changer that’s going to take all your earring-related worries away, once and for all. And its name is Chrysmela.

Don’t Worry… We’ve Got Your Back

Chrysmela is a company that has the most high-quality and secure earring backs on the market right now. Their innovation has a special type of double-locking technology that they’ve patented in 5 countries. And their innovation is the reason you’ll never have to worry about losing an earring ever again.

At Chrysmela, they understand the emotional as well as the financial value that a pair of gifted earrings can have - along with how losing a part of them can be devastating. Their secure earring backs are all made with the same precision technology that’s being used for the production of fine watches, so you know they’re the real deal. 

By simply replacing any types of conventional earring backs with Chrysmela, no other earring is going to be sliding off your ear any time soon. So you can keep those earrings safe on your ears - along with all the other cool gifts this season. Now you can finally wear your sparkly diamond earrings with newfound confidence and be sure that whenever you remember to check whether your earrings are still there - they always will be.

Whether you’re looking to have your earrings stay securely in place all throughout the night, while you’re dancing away, or want to wear a heavy pair that’s dragging your earlobes down a lot more comfortable - they’ve got it all. They’ve thought about basically everything, and it really shows.

As soon as you see that you got the pair of earrings that you spend all season thinking about, go to Chrysmela and make sure you order one of their products. They are going to change your life. 

And the best part is that you can do this practically as soon as you open all of your presents - because they will be open the day after Christmas (December 26), and will ship the backs to you right away. That means you’re going to be able to wear your brand new earrings without worrying about losing them in no time. You can choose from 24-carat gold, rose gold, or a platinum pair - and no matter your choice - they’re all hypoallergenic.

What Is It And What Does It Do?

The products from Chrysmela aren’t actually back, they’re more like catches - because they catch onto the earrings and don’t let go. They fit all types of earring post 0.6-1.1 in diameter ( which includes most earrings on the market) and can seamlessly slide into place and secure your earrings. The catches have a special internal mechanism that grips the earring at two different points while giving you all the comfort that you need to wear them all throughout the day.

The way that these catches work is with a mechanism that locks around the earrings until you unlock them to take them off. And aside from holding onto your earrings for dear life, they also make special catches that help with balancing your earrings so that they don’t get pulled down by gravity.

We’ve all seen the unsightly image of a pierced ear that’s drooping down thanks to a combination of gravity and a heavy pair of earrings. But Chrysmela has a solution to the big, statement piece earrings as well, called the Chrysmela Extra. They’re made with big earrings in mind, and can flawlessly lift your earrings up so that they don’t just shine at the ground anymore.

And finally, for anyone that’s in love with going the extra mile, Chrysmela is also thinking of you, with their gorgeous earring jackets. Now you can wear your earrings both facing the front and the back, and all of them look amazing! Whether you choose the pearl jackets or the ones made with Swarovski crystals - it’s completely up to you! All you need to do is look at what they’re offering. After that, we’re sure you’ll want to get everything they have to offer!

You can finally go out into the world wearing your favorite pair of earrings without fearing about losing them. And if they’re on the bigger and bolder side, they no longer have to wear you down. Or, if you’re just looking to add a bit more sparkle to the sparkliest set of earrings that you’ve got - they’ve got you covered in that area as well. All thanks to Chrysmela.