Q5 2020 gift guide for YOU busy entrepreneurs: bonus tip for the last minute gifts
Q5 2020 gift guide for YOU busy entrepreneurs: bonus tip for the last minute gifts

Treat yourself with these gifts, tried-and-true and personally curated by The Chrysmela Chief

What a tough year.  Yet it seems to have gone by at lightning speed. Let’s celebrate our strength through all we have endured by giving ourselves a few well deserved gifts, shall we?  

I recently heard about a bonus quarter of the year - Q5. After the normal holiday rush in the fourth quarter, giving gifts to people we love, marketing guru Laurel Mintz says there will be a bonus Q5 this year to treat yourself. Self-care is always important - now more than ever. 

Here are my personal favorite gifts. These are items that I’ve splurged on and I truly love.  Tried and true.  And practical.  Of course, as we all like to multitask, some items on this list also work not only for Q5 self gifting, but also as a last minute gift for someone you adore.

Gift ideas for YOU, the hard working entrepreneurs making it all happen from home. I’ve included items across the spectrum of pricing. 

As an entrepreneur, your time is one of the most precious assets, so sometimes a little splurge with solid ROI is a good thing. Think of all the savings you’ve made this year- by cooking, cleaning, doing your own nails, coloring your own hair, in addition to not being able to travel. You deserve to apply a little bit of the “savings” you’ve made in 2020 toward investing in yourself.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Mayumi xo 
The Chrysmela Chief



What makes you feel better 

SLIP Silk pillow cases.  $89.  Quality sleep is essential for optimal performance and creativity.  Silk pillow case by SLIP feels so luxurious, and helps you sleep better.  Bonus: soothes keratin in your hair and leaves no wrinkles on your cheeks when you wake up.  Last minute?  Gift cards are available.  

Lunya sleep dress. $108   In 100% organic pima cotton.  Simple comfort. This brand calls it “good in bed,” but I think under Lockdown 2.0, it’s good 24/7. 

Golftini poncho $110   A lovely, cozy and functional accessory that completes every outfit.  Throw it over a T-shirt and leggings, and you are good to go for a quick run to the post office and grocery.  In 7 colors and one size fits all, it makes a great gift for any girlfriend on your list.  

Augustine Bader cream  $85/15ml, $170/30ml, $265/50ml.   Mentioned on many blogs and on Instagram by so many beautiful people, I had to try it. They are doing a great job with marketing, obviously.  I got mine during the Nordstrom beauty sale.  For a scientific experiment,  I put it on a half of my face, keeping the other half with my regular routine.  As instructions said, I applied only this cream after cleansing.  The results of this controlled experiment? It works. Once I start traveling again, I may just pack this and sunscreen. 

Diamante Earrings by Grayse   $195.   These princess cut center gemstones sparkle brilliantly.   1.8 carats TW.  AAA+ Swiss simulated diamonds that are flawless, free of inclusions, totally transparent and cast a brighter fire than real diamonds. 
Pair these with Chrysmela earring jackets.  ;)  

Kitchen Tech because you are what you eat

Instant pot   Most people already have one, but a newer model makes a difference.  My first IP was almost 3 years old, and had been in overdrive since lockdown.  This summer, it developed a big mysterious dent on the sidewall for no reason I could think of.  Because it produces high air pressure, I decided it was time to get a new one.  I am so happy with this model.  Faster, easier to handle inner pot and a lid with quick cool/release option.  Plus Sous Vide mode, which I am obsessed with (see below)

Instant Pot cookbook by Melissa Clerk - This is my go to book.  Chili, spaghetti meatballs  (I make it with penne), and chipotle pork are our household favorites.   Holiday MUST:  Sticky Toffee Puddings.   

Sous vide   I bought Anova when it first hit the market several years ago. It cooks chicken and steak beautifully. You prep, start and it will wait for you until you are ready for dinner.   Quick sear in a super hot pan will create a perfect chicken or fillet every time.   

For your best working environment

QOR360 ergonomic chair x space saver  Active sitting prevents back pain.  This chair is a best friend for a busy entrepreneur with long working/sitting hours.   Goodbye Aeron Chair.  

Roomba I’ve had a Braava (see below) for many years, but didn’t buy Roomba, partially because it was very expensive.  But as soon as lockdown was announced, I bought it and couldn't be happier.  
Whenever Roomba runs, it picks up so much dust, it’s amazing.   Roomba signals me via the app when it gets stuck under the bed, or tangled with a phone charger cable.  Who knew I’d be scolded by a robot to pick up loose objects and declutter the room.  https://www.irobot.com/roomba

Braava $255 This is Roomba’s little brother who wipes down the kitchen, living room hardwood, and bathroom tile floors.  I use a Swiffer disposable wet wipe, instead of those microfiber cloths included (less laundry).  It is so cute and hardworking.  After cooking dinner, I set it loose.  We often pay attention to “him” while watching TV, admiring how he does not cut corners.  https://store.irobot.com/default/braava-floor-mopping-irobot-braava-floor-mopping/B380020.html

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier/heater  $499  When another mountain fire broke out in the Los Angeles area this summer, I splurged and bought this. It cleans the air, removes pollutants and allergens, plus sends you a cool breeze. It’s not AC, but it feels “clean cool” and very pleasant.  It also sends warm air on cold days. The app gives you a real time report of your room’s air quality as well as outside of your window.  Highly recommended.   By the way, have you listened to Sir James Dyson’s episode on How I Built This with Guy Raz?  You must!   https://www.npr.org/2018/03/26/584331881/dyson-james-dyson