How To Choose The Best Earring Back
How To Choose The Best Earring Back

Everything you need to know about earring backs and the styles available.

Best Earring Backs For You: The Ultimate Guide


Our earrings are a vital accessory for the modern woman, but when it comes to the earring backs we use, we often feel like we are lost in the dark ages. We know, we don’t think about earring backs, until one falls off into the abyss of crosswalk in NYC or between floor panels in the restaurant. So, let’s talk about options, and  what we can do, proactively, to protect all our earrings. 


How many times have you been in a hurry to get to work or an event, you grab your favorite earrings, only to find that one or both of the backs aren’t there? You glance at the clock and realize you are running late already, but now you need to spend time sifting through your jewelry box looking for the set of backs that goes with that particular pair. If you find them you can consider yourself lucky, but if you can’t, you may end up forced to put on the next best match.


You’re already late, you’re starting to get frustrated, maybe even putting that antiperspirant to the test. You finally put on the earrings with whatever earring backs you could find and head out at last, but now you will spend the next several hours constantly reaching up to touch your ear, hoping that the backing hasn’t fallen off and caused you to lose one of your favorite earrings. We all know the pain of that particular loss, evidenced by the collection of singles we just can’t part with.


The more you know about earring backs and the different styles available, the better equipped you will be to keep those precious little treasures safe. That is why we at Chrysmela have created this ultimate guide to earring backs so that you can accessorize with peace of mind.


The Key Functions of Earring Backs


On the surface it would seem that earring backs only have one purpose, to hold your earrings in place, but there is so much more to it than that. Chrysmela uses patented technology to make sure that all of our earring backs serve all of these functions with precision and worry free utility.


A proper fit is so important when it comes to your earring backs. Too tight and they are difficult to apply, may damage your earrings’ posts, and worse yet, can cause pain and discomfort on your earlobes.  . Too loose and the earring can not only cause damage to the piercing -  due to the earring shifting around - too loose backs might also slip off causing you to lose your diamond earring.  If you can bend the metal to fit, that creates  only “pseudo” security:  Something you can easily bend can be undone easily. 


If you have ever worn a set of earring backs that don’t lock, you will understand the importance of this feature. Having backs that lock into place means that they won’t be able to shift out of position, leading you to have to be constantly pushing them back into the proper position all day long. Locking backs give you the peace of mind of knowing that, once they are locked in place, your earring backs won’t be going anywhere.


The very best earring backs are the ones that can provide lift for your earrings, so that they are sitting up, displayed to their best effect. A proper lift holds your earrings in the perfect position, avoiding drooping, and giving you the best possible look so that you can show off your favorite earrings, sparkling and gathering all the lights. Lifted earlobes and earrings also make you look younger.   Lobes and diamonds pulled down by the gravity do not. 

Chrysmela is the only earring back that fits, locks and lifts any type of earring post automatically, eliminating any guesswork for you when you reach into your jewelry box to choose a backing for your earrings.

A Back By Any Other Name: The Different Types of Backs

When it comes to earring backs, there is a wide variety of types to choose from. The better informed you are, the better you will be at knowing exactly what you need and the less time you will spend agonizing over which ones to choose. Here is a quickie guide to the different earring back options available to you.


  1. Friction Earring Backs - Also known as butterfly earring backs, these are by far the most common earring backs you will see. They are usually the backings you will get for free when you purchase your earrings because they are cheap and can be used as a good enough solution. The main drawback to these backings is that they are usually made with soft, pliable metal (so that one size can fit many). The soft metal tends to loosen unexpectedly though, making these earring backs the usual culprit when your earrings get lost.   More importantly, there is only one, fixed hole in the middle, so different earring posts may be too thin or too thick for proper - and secure - fit.
  2. Screw Backs and Threaded Posts - Probably the most secure earring post/backs combination you’ve heard, are usually found on very valuable earrings with precious stones like diamonds. They are a favorite of jewellers because the back literally screws onto the earring post, causing it to stay perfectly in place to avoid the risk of falling off.   The downside of these earrings is that they can be very time consuming and difficult to screw on and off, especially if you have cold hands in the morning or arthritis. Also, the screw posts can be painful when you are putting them in or taking them out of your ears, because they are threaded.  In addition, if you lose a screw back, it often is very difficult to find the perfect match to replace.   If you have screw back earrings or lost one of the backs, Chrysmela is able to work on these ridged posts and replace the troublesome backs.
  3. La Poussette Earring Backs - Another highly secure, locking, type of earring backs are the style known as La Pousette. They are disk shaped, not unlike friction earring backs, but they have two small tabs that you press together to either lock the backing onto the post or release it when you go to take it off. The big advantage is security, much like the screw back earrings, but without the painful posts or the need to screw them on or off. The downside is that they can also be very tricky to get on and off, requiring you to have the disk placed perfectly parallel to the earring while squeezing the tabs at the same time. While they are slightly easier to use than the screw backs, they can still be hard to use if you have arthritis or any other condition that makes it hard to hold a small disc steady, especially when you are in a hurry. Chrysmela works on La Poussette posts, replacing these flat disk backs.
  4. Jumbo Backs - Many women find that, after years of wearing heavy earrings, that their earlobes have started to lose their firmness and their once perfect pinhole piercings have taken on an “I” shape. It is perfectly natural and one of those “costs” of beauty that we hear so much about. Because they have a larger surface area, these jumbo earring backs add firmness to your earlobe and allow your earrings to sit in a nice, flat position.The downside is that they tend to fall under the same category as friction earring backs because they don’t tend to have locking capability. No locking means less security for your earrings. Chrysmela Extra (Chrysmela Catch with disk) provides the lift and support you need while giving you the security of knowing your backings won’t slip or fall off.
  5. Plastic Earring Disks - Sometimes called bullet clutches, these earring backs use rubber disks or cones to enhance the friction that holds them in place. The problem is that the rubber will eventually wear and you may lose your earring backs without even knowing there was a problem.
  6. Precious Metals - The main advantage of precious metals is that they are hypoallergenic, but beware these claims when you purchase earrings. While the earring backs may be hypoallergenic, sometimes the earring post is not. If you have precious metal earrings, Chrysmela has the backings for you. Our backs come in yellow gold or rose gold as well as platinum for your platinum, white gold, or silver earrings.  Chrysmela is hypoallergenic: our metal coatings are made from pure metals such as luxurious gold and platinum in 99.9% purity.  Chrysmela’s internal mechanism is made of surgical stainless steel. 
  7. Earring Lifters - These earring backs operate on the same principle as jumbo backs, but incorporate a 2-piece design. One part operates as a standard earring back while the other part of the design rests against the back of the earlobe to give it extra support.
  8. Earlobe Protectors -  Using the same principles as earring lifters, these backings allow you to prevent stretching of your piercing and pulling of your earlobe.

Needless to say, there is a great deal of thought that goes into the science of earring backings. When it comes to providing you with safety and security for your earrings as well as for your delicate earlobes, we at Chrysmela take our job very seriously. Our patented technology means you will never have to worry about your earrings again, so you can use your time and energy for much more important matters.

Chrysmela, We’ve got your back.