Chrysmela Blog Series - Susan Hess, CEO, Golftini
Chrysmela Blog Series - Susan Hess, CEO, Golftini

A Chrysmela exclusive - Susan Hess has turned inspiration into a successful fashion line and now she is here to share her favorite beauty and travel hacks with us!

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs We Admire

At Chrysmela, we believe in freedom. Our brand’s motto says it all - fashion freedom, freedom to go and be anywhere in the world, and freedom to live life on your terms. 

It is often challenging to juggle a family life while staying active and pursuing your own passions, but sometimes it is exactly those challenges that unlock our hidden potential. We appreciate all of those creative and fearless women who are out there making it work every day. We at Chrysmela are cheering you on every step of the way, and we will definitely always have your back.

In honor of International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, we will be chatting with strong and beautiful female entrepreneurs who we admire, about their beauty secrets and travel hacks.  Looking and feeling good gives us extra energy and confidence. Let’s learn the secrets of these remarkable women as they reveal how they always look so fabulous.

Susan Hess

  • Fit and fabulous, fun and fashion forward 

Susan the golfer - Susan Hess came by her love of golf naturally. Not only was she born in Augusta, Georgia, the home of the Masters Tournament, but she was taught to love the game of golf by playing with her grandparents from a very early age. Since then, the game has developed into a passion for her. It was her passion for golf that would transform her into a successful businesswoman as well as a committed athlete. She not only plays golf wherever she goes, but she stays fit with a dedicated exercise regimen that has her working out before 6 a.m. every morning. 

“Clothes should give you confidence; you do better when you feel good” 

- Susan Hess

Susan the designer - her love for golf led Susan to discover a hidden talent. It all started when this busy mother of three young boys found the majority of women’s golf wear to be inadequate to the needs of a woman who needed to rush from the links to school pick-up. She decided to design her own golf skort that was comfortable enough to play in and stylish enough to run errands in...and the Golftini brand was born. Since then, it has blossomed into a very successful fashion line with a heart. Golftini has been growing ever since, and today you can find her famous skorts and other cute athleisure items in many golf clubs and online stores.   After operating at her home for 14 years with 4 employees, in June 2019, Susan decided to " Change it up" and move back to Chicago where she lived 22 years ago. She got a "real" warehouse and an office. It has been an amazing adventure with all the challenges of a move. “I couldn't be happier. Chicago feels like home.”

Golftini is a real family dedicated to creating golf fashion that will leave women feeling beautiful and empowered. Even more amazing is the fact that she was able to create and launch this line with no design experience whatsoever.

“If I can do this from scratch, anyone can.” - Susan Hess

Susan the mother and inspiration - being a busy mom is a big part of what gave Susan the inspiration to launch her own line. Now, those three young boys have grown into handsome young men who not only offer her endless support and inspiration, but also play a round of golf with her every Mother’s Day. When she isn’t spending time with her delightful family, Susan now dedicates herself to motivating other young women to tap into their own inner talents to make their own dreams come true. She recognizes all of the support that helped her to achieve success and is determined to offer that same support to others.

Pro tips in Travel and Beauty From Susan Hess For 2020

Pro tips from Susan Hess

1. Get ready

What is your morning routine? What do you do to add the “finishing touch" before you head out of the door?

Working out. I start my day every morning with Flywheel, elliptical or barre method. That gets me in the right mindset for my day. It's not an keeps me sane. What do I do to add the “finishing touch" before you head out of the door? When I'm walking out the door, I look in a full-length mirror and see if anything "stands out too much” If so, I take it off. I only wear earrings and a ring or a necklace and a ring. I don't wear both earrings and a necklace. I’m not sure why, but it feels like too much for me. I’m working on that though! :)

2. Beauty emergency tips

What is your beauty emergency tip? Puffy eyes? Didn’t get enough sleep?

I’ve found that sweating really helps to get rid of puffy eyes, or at least I feel like it does, thus the workout. Not only does exercise give me energy that helps me to get through my day, but it makes my eyes brighter and gives my cheeks a beautiful rosy glow.

3. Travel bucket list 2020 

Where are you going? Where do you want to go this year?

While travelling to new places is always exciting, the two places on my bucket list are Nashville and Tuscany.

4. Packing list 

What are your travel beauty essentials?

Golf clubs of course! I would never go anywhere without those. I also make sure to bring my Oliver Thomas bags for makeup and their Cinch bag for my golf shoes.

5. In-flight beauty tips 

What do you do before take-off, during the flight and pre-landing?

Oh my gosh...compression socks are a complete game changer!! I just started using them and they make me feel great. No more swollen feet!! I also bring a huge Smart water and I drink the whole thing.

6. Jewelry On-the-Go

What’s in your travel jewelry case?

Chrysmela earring backs for sure! My earrings wouldn’t be complete without them, especially with how active I am out on the golf course. It gives me a lot of peace of mind knowing that I can concentrate on my swing instead of worrying about my earrings. I also love the earring jacket sets because I like dangly earrings and the jacket sets give me so many options.

7. Your Favorite Gift

What’s the best jewelry gift you’ve ever received? (I hope it’s your favorite earrings! If not, it’s totally ok.)

Hello...the gray pearl earring jackets from Chrysmela! I just LOVE them. They are so easy to use, all you do is unlock the end disc and snap on your favorite studs. They are literally the most secure earring backs I’ve ever used.