Chrysmela Blog Series - Laurel Mintz, CEO, Elevate My Brand
Chrysmela Blog Series - Laurel Mintz, CEO, Elevate My Brand

At Chrysmela, we believe in freedom. Our brand’s motto says it all - fashion freedom, freedom to go and be anywhere in the world, and freedom to live life on your terms.

At Chrysmela, we believe in freedom. Our brand’s motto says it all - fashion freedom, freedom to go and be anywhere in the world, and freedom to live life on your terms.

Realizing a dream may require grit and determination, along with some hard work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel incredible while you’re doing it. We appreciate the amazing and powerful women who go out into the world every day to blaze their own trail, and we want you to know that we will always have your back.

In honor of International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, we will be chatting with strong and beautiful female entrepreneurs who we admire, about their beauty secrets and travel hacks.  Looking and feeling good gives us extra energy and confidence. Let’s learn the secrets of these remarkable women as they reveal how they always look so fabulous.


Brains, power, beauty, and style...what more could you want?

    The modern woman is like a tigress in fashionable pumps (and of course a little sparkle 😉). She is fierce, fantastic, strong, brilliant, stylish, and definitely makes her mark on everything she touches. Laurel Mintz is no exception. She is the Founder and CEO of, a successful and innovative marketing agency that is revolutionizing the worlds of offline AND online marketing. Her creativity, wit, and determination are perfectly summed up in her favorite phrase FIOGIT - or Figure it out, get it done. She is definitely a woman who knows her own power and is not afraid to use it.

    “Figure it out, get it done” - Laurel Mintz

    Of course, there is much more to Laurel than a canny business woman who is blazing her own trail while always looking positively radiant. She also believes in giving back. Her weekly Elevate Your Brand podcast invites some of the industry’s greatest minds to share all the juicy details about the newest and most exciting new brands hitting the market today.

    She also makes sure to be there for her fellow women.

    Laurel Mintz does her part every day to help empower women by mentoring for The Women’s Global Leaders Initiative, being an advisor for LAVA (Los Angeles Venture Association), sitting on the Board of Directors for NFTE (Network for Teaching Leadership), the Women Founders Network, and the UCLA Restaurant Conference.


    She is definitely a woman who knows how to balance success, fun and beauty like a master. Now Laurel is here to sit down with Chrysmela to answer our questions about her favorite beauty secrets, travel hacks, and the truth about her love for all things that sparkle (like a FABulous pair of diamond studs with Swarovski pearl jackets maybe?)

    Chrysmela reveals the best beauty products, travel tips to adopt in 2020

    Pro tips from Laurel Mintz

    1. Get ready

    What is your morning routine? What do you do to add the “finishing touch" before you head out of the door? (like, put on earrings!)

    I try to work out at least five times/week. I think it’s probably the only thing that keeps me balanced and sane when running an agency. Well, that and a stiff martini! I try to be as efficient as possible, so I usually envision my outfit the night before so it takes no time to get ready. I’d say the finishing touch is, of course, a little bit of sparkle.

    2. Beauty emergency tips

     What is your beauty emergency tip? Puffy eyes? Didn’t get enough sleep?

    I think any entrepreneur needs a few beauty emergency items. Mine, in no specific order, are:

    3. New beauty hack 2020

    Are you trying anything new that you are excited about?

    Yes, I just bought the PMD Microdermabrasion Pro. I usually have this treatment a few times a year and I’m hoping that doing it at home more consistently will have better results.

    4. Travel bucket list 2020 

    Where are you going? Where do you want to go this year?

    This year, our travel plans include Cabo, as we always try to go once a year for at least five days. We also try to add in one exotic location each year and this year it’s likely going to be Colombia.

    5. Packing list 

    What are your travel beauty essentials?

    Most of the above will definitely come with me. I also always bring my Silked pillow sleeve and a pair of fuzzy slippers so I never have to touch the gross floors of even the poshest hotels. I’m also a little bit psycho, so I always bring a plastic bathing cap to wrap around the remote control. I’m a bit of a germaphobe, if you couldn’t tell, but traveling really is the easiest way to get sick…not on my watch!

    6. In-flight beauty tips 

    What do you do before take-off, during the flight and pre-landing?

    I always chug as much water as possible and bring at least one large bottle with me, even on the shortest of flights. Staying hydrated is the best way to fight sickness and sleep deprivation while traveling. Unless I’m travelling for pleasure I will almost never drink booze on a plane. During pre-takeoff, I have my earbuds in and am probably watching something I downloaded on my mini and if it’s an international flight it’s usually a Xanax and a glass of wine if I’m being totally honest. I always try to acclimate to the time at the destination and I will try to stay awake until I can pass out and wake up aligned. Pre-landing I usually brush my teeth, apply some hand lotion because those flights are always dry and a little gloss especially if my honey is picking me up.

    7. Jewelry On-the-Go

    What’s in your travel jewelry case?

    All the basics, two sets of hoops, yellow and white gold. Usually a few statement pieces, and I wear my basics on the plane. I used to bring a ton of jewelry with me when I traveled, but I never wore it, so now I go with the basics and a few bold and exciting pieces to mix it up.

    8. Your Favorite Gift

    What’s the best jewelry gift you’ve ever received? (I hope it’s your favorite earrings! If not, it’s totally ok.)

    I have to say my engagement ring of course! But every year my hubby does a great job of gifting since he knows it’s my love language. Last year, for my 40th birthday he really spoiled me so I’m a lucky girl.