1 million Chrysmela Secure Earrings in the World
Milestone! Chrysmela Secures 1 Million Earrings in the World

Chrysmela, the World’s Most Secure Earring Back Sold 1 Million Units  Worldwide

LOS ANGELES – MARCH 31, 2021 – Chrysmela today announced that its World’s Most Secure Earring Back has reached the major milestone of one million units sold. 

Chrysmela was founded in Japan in 2008, when Eri Kikunaga developed the solution to the 5,000 year old problem following an argument with her former boyfriend about losing an expensive earring he had gifted her. Chrysmela is the only earring back that automatically fits, locks and lifts earrings.  The patented precision technology involves 3 micro ball bearings inside of the tiny device and it supports earring posts 0.6-1.1mm in diameter, the widest range known in industry.

Kikunaga said, “Inventing Chrysmela taught me we can solve a problem with good ideas to free ourselves.  Chrysmela means to me the power to create a better world, the power we all have.”   

Mayumi Ishii, The Chrysmela Chief said, “A year ago when our world suddenly changed, we didn’t know where business was going to go. It turned out that Chrysmela quickly became a new essential for those who love earrings, and are interested in protecting them from the loops of face masks. Our jeweler partners and wholesale accounts have been receiving calls from their clients, asking for better and more secure earring backs for their peace of mind.” She added, “We are grateful and proud to be one step closer to our goal of No More Lost Earrings. Period.”

Chrysmela partners with a number of female owned and operated businesses, including over 1,000 fine jewelers in the US and in Japan. The technology is patented in the US, UK, France, Italy and Japan, where it’s been No.1 in the entire jewelry category for a number of years. 

Ishii highlighted the significance of the timing of this milestone, “We are thrilled that Chrysmela’s celebration of the 1 million unit milestone coincides with International Women’s History Month of March.”