The Best Earring Backs For Heavy Earrings And Larger Diamonds

best earring backs for heavy earrings - girl display large earring supported by Chrysmela catch

Just like death and taxes, there’s no fighting gravity. Or is there? Anyone who is aging knows how much gravity can take a toll on our bodies. No matter how prepared you are to age gracefully, there are always surprises that we never would have thought of in our younger days.

If you love wearing heavy earrings as bold statement pieces, your earlobes may lose some of their youthful strength and firmness.

Talented actress and motivational Instagram celebrity Janet Gunn recently reviewed Chrysmela Catch Extra and couldn’t say enough great things about them.

“I am so excited to share this amazing product with you. @chrysmela is the only earring that fits, locks and lifts any earring any size!”                                 

-  Janet Gunn

With rave reviews like that there can be little doubt that they really are the best earring backs for heavy earrings. 

Jackie T. : A Case Study In Aging With Style

Jackie has always had a great sense of style. Anyone who knows her would tell you that she is one of those women who age like the finest wine. From nails, to clothes, to her fashion accessories, Jackie has always known how to put a look together. She has also always had a fondness for wearing large earrings to make a statement.

Over the years though, wearing all of those big statement pieces had caused her piercings to stretch out into an “l” shape. Her earlobes were also a lot thinner and no longer had the strength to support her favorite pieces. For a woman who always put a lot of thought and effort into her appearance, this was not a happy turn of events.

She was mortified when she tried on her favorite pieces only to look in the mirror and see her beautiful diamond studs pointing due South. So Jackie started wearing smaller and lighter earrings while secretly wishing she could find the best earring backs for heavy earrings. She didn’t even know if such a thing existed.

That was when she spotted the Chrysmela website and saw the Chrysmela Catch Extra for the first time. She ordered a set and tried them on with those large diamond studs she loved so much. She was amazed to look in the mirror this time to see her earrings sitting perfectly on her earlobes for all to see. It was like her earlobes (and piercings) were 20 again!

Now she wears Chrysmela with all of her earrings and proudly proclaims to all of her friends, “I haven’t felt younger and more beautiful than I have ever since the day I found Chrysmela.”

The Key To Feeling Younger 

Nothing can make you feel older than not being able to do something you’ve always been able to do before. Something as simple as being able to wear a beautiful pair of earrings can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. Being able to sport a little bling (or a lot ;) ) on perfectly lifted earlobes can make you look and feel younger instantly and there aren’t many things that can make that kind of claim. So how does Chrysmela do it?

Check out Janet Gunn’s video on IGTV to hear more about how the “lifted look" is the key to looking younger instantly

What Is The Answer?

The market is full of different earring backs that all serve different needs. Some earring lifters provide a lot of support for your earrings but don’t quite lock as securely or easily as others. Some earring backs lock securely but are difficult to remove or don’t offer any lift for heavy earrings. Chrysmela’s lift and lock technology ensures that your earrings sit perfectly on your earlobe no matter how big and heavy they are. 

Chrysmela’s patented locking mechanism combined with the Chrysmela Extra disk makes them the best earring backs for heavy earrings and larger diamonds. They eliminate the need to choose between earring backs that lift, that lock securely, or that support your heavier earrings. The Chrysmela Catch Extra does all three to help you look and feel younger than ever before. 

It’s Never Too Early To Start Using The Best Earring Backs For Heavy Earrings

Even if you are younger and gravity hasn’t made its mark on your earlobes yet, Chrysmela Catch Extra is still the right fit for you. Heavier earrings can tend to droop no matter how perfect your piercings are. By adding the special disk to the Chrysmela Catch, your earrings are not only lifted and locked securely, but they are also given the extra support needed to defy gravity, preventing future issues.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of perspiration. By providing the added support of the Chrysmela Catch Extra early, your ears aren’t likely to “feel the pull” of wearing heavy earrings as much as they would on their own. They really are the best earring backs for heavy earrings and larger diamonds. You wouldn’t go out without your chest being properly supported, so why would you treat your ears any differently?

Chrysmela Catch and the Chrysmela Catch Extra offer the support your earlobes need and the peace of mind you need, whether you’re going out dancing all night long or just having a quiet evening with someone special.

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