What is The Best Earring Back for You?

What is The Best Earring Back for You?

What is the best type of earring back for you?  Do you like screw backs?  Or are you thinking about upgrading the post and back of your diamond studs at your favorite jeweler?  

We hear you.  It's often frustrating and time consuming to find the best back for all your favorite earrings.

Industry experts have shared their insight, explaining pros and cons of butterfly, la pousette, screw backs etc.   We find these blog posts by jewelers WhiteFlash and BrianGavinDiamonds helpful.  

And did you know Chrysmela has addressed all of these issues about earring backs?   Secure.  Easy to use.  Fits all types of posts in different sizes.  Even lift and support heavy earrings and delicate earlobes.  All with patented, precision technology.   Find out more here.

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