The Guy’s Manual Of The Top Gift Ideas For Her

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Whether she’s your wife or girlfriend, your mother, your daughter, or even a co-worker, odds are there is a woman in your life who you’ve struggled to shop for. While she has probably told you “I’ll love anything you give me”, we know you want to think of the top gift ideas for her so you can give her something special that will really make her smile. There’s nothing better than the feeling of giving a gift that she really loves and seeing the excitement in her eyes.

Why Her Earrings Rarely See The Light Of Day

Have you ever proudly given her a beautiful pair of diamond or pearl earrings and seen her face light up with joy? Have you wondered why you never saw her wear them again and thought your gift was a total flop. It’s easy to think that. After all, if she really loved the earrings she would wear them all the time right? Let us tell you a little story that may shed some light on the situation.

The Story Of Sandra O. (A Cautionary Tale)

Sandra’s husband gave her a lovely set of diamond studs for their 1st anniversary. He designed them himself and had them specialty made to match the design of her engagement ring. Sandra was so moved by the gift that she cried the same way she did on the night he proposed. She was so excited she took out the earrings she was wearing and put the new ones on right there at the restaurant table.

Needless to say Sandra’s husband earned some major brownie points that night. Sandra couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have such a wonderful husband and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror to see her beautiful new earrings sparkling on her earlobes. A week passed and Sandra wouldn’t take them off.

Sandra went shopping that day before meeting her best friend for lunch. She had just bought a couple of new sweaters in preparation for the colder weather that was coming. She couldn’t wait to meet up with her friend Janet to show off her special gift.

When she sat down across from Janet she could hardly contain herself as she leaned forward beaming and said, “Look what Frank gave me for our anniversary!” She was shocked to see a perplexed look on Janet’s face.

“Honey”, Janet said with a pained expression, “You’re only wearing one earring.”

Sandra was mortified and her stomach was so upset she couldn’t even eat lunch. She knew what must have happened. When she was trying on sweaters at the store one of the earrings must have gotten caught and fallen off.

It took Sandra weeks to work up the nerve to tell Frank what had happened. Of course he was disappointed for her but he reassured her he wasn’t upset with her for losing his gift. Sandra could never bring herself to wear any more of her other special earrings again unless it was a special occasion. When she did wear them she was always checking to make sure they were still there. It was a nerve wracking experience.

For their 20th anniversary, Frank went to the internet to seek out some top gift ideas for her and happened upon the Chrysmela website. Inspiration struck. He had an exact replica of the lost earring made, but this time he also gave her a set of Chrysmela Catch earring backs. Sandra couldn’t even speak. She was so happy that she would be able to wear her special earrings again and never have to worry about losing one again.

Frank was a very thoughtful husband, and very popular with his wife. Be like Frank.

Top Gift Ideas For Her Can Be Hard To Think Of

While Frank kind of nailed the thoughtful gift thing, it isn’t always so easy to come up with that one great idea that will make her think you have some kind of gift-giving super powers. When it came to shopping for Lois Lane, even Clark Kent probably had a tough time coming up with top gift ideas. For her happiness, though, there is no hurdle you would leap in order to bring out that smile.

If you need a little help, like Frank did, have no fear! These top gift ideas for her will transform you into a gift-giving superhero (flashy tights sold separately).

Our Recommendations For The Top Gift Ideas For Her

Glenor Co. Earring Organizer Box   $49.95

An ideal gift for any woman who loves her earrings. This charming organizer will look beautiful on her vanity, where she can sit and enjoy trying on all of her favorite pairs. With 50 small and 4 large compartments, it has a place for all of her different sized earrings. 

From her tiny studs to her large statement pieces, she’ll be able to keep them safe and tidy and access them easily whenever she is in a hurry. After all, her earrings are important to her, and they deserve a special place. Serving her need to care for her most prized earrings is why I’m starting this list of the top gift ideas for her with this item.

Cuyana  Mini Jewelry Case  $105

For a busy woman on the go, a travel case to carry all of her jewelry is a must have. Show her how much you love her by making sure she’ll never have to go digging around in her luggage looking for tiny pieces of jewelry again. This particular case is a top gift idea for her because of the special earring holder designed to hold her earrings (locked with her Chrysmela of course, the very best earring backs) securely in place. 

It’s also big enough to hold all the jewelry she’ll need for a trip yet it’s small enough to fit nicely into her carry-on luggage (the last thing she needs on her trip is to worry about her jewelry getting lost with her luggage). The wrap around inner pouch holds all of her most valuable pieces in place and this case is even monogrammable to make this already thoughtful gift even more personal.

Jewelry Gift Card

If you’ve already picked out the perfect Chrysmela product to give her, you can show her how special she is to you by kicking your gift up a notch. A jewelry gift card from any of the renowned jewelers of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills will give your gift that perfect one-two punch. She’ll be able to find something beautiful to go with your thoughtful gift and feel like a fashionista inside and out. Add this to any item to anything on our list of top gift ideas for her and your gift will be a huge hit.

Chrysmela Catch $50

Every woman has known the pain of losing an earring. That’s why most women save their most precious pairs for special occasions, even though she would love to wear them all the time. The most secure earring backs in the world, the Chrysmela Catch, fits locks and lifts to give her the best (and safest) way to display her earrings. These aren’t just earring backs, they’re peace of mind. With the Chrysmela Catch, she’ll be able to wear her most special earrings any day and never have to worry again about losing one. They come in Platinum, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold so there’s a set to go with any pair she owns.  

Rose Gold

Whether it’s a ring, a beautiful bangle from Tiffany’s, or a sparkling pair of diamond earrings, there is something so soft and feminine about rose gold. Jewelry made with rose gold is unique and trendy, and the beautiful rose color goes perfectly with most skin tones. Better yet, Chrysmela comes in rose gold, so you can always give her a set of Chrysmela earring backs that will go perfectly with her new rose gold earrings.

Shizuku Earring Jacket Set $290

If she loves bling (I know I do), she will flip for the Shizuku Earring Jacket Set. They are handcrafted by a master jeweler using the most beautiful Swarovski crystals to make her look like she’s ready to walk the red carpet (especially if she'd enjoy channeling JLo - Actually, JLo was wearing a pair of major statement earrings very similar to these). They are lightweight and extremely versatile. They can be worn as a front and back set, as a beautiful sparkling stud, or mixed and matched with another pair of earrings. It will be like giving her many pairs in one with the added bonus of knowing they are locked on with Chrysmela’s patented securely locking earring backs.  Available in Yellow Gold for Shizuku Gold, or Platinum for Shizuku Silver.

Chrysmela Catch Extra  $50

The bigger sister of the Chrysmela Catch, the Catch Extra provides extra lift and support. If she loves wearing heavy statement pieces or large diamond studs, if her earlobes can’t quite support her earrings like they used to, or if her piercing holes are stretched, The Chrysmela Catch Extra is exactly what she needs to be able to wear those large pieces proudly. If you want to give her something really special, why not give her the gift of support for her lovely earlobes. 

I just know these top gift ideas for her will have her grinning from ear to ear no matter what the occasion is. So shop without stress, knowing that any of the items on this list will make a big statement and let her know how much you care.

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