Show Her How Much You Appreciate All She’s Done: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Show Her How Much You Appreciate All She’s Done: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Here’s To Mom...Our Beautiful Heroine

These are definitely challenging times. We are all enduring this global quarantine with as much positivity as we can muster. If you look closely though, it is always mom who is there, making sure that the family has delicious food to eat despite the challenges finding our favorite foods. Mom keeps a smile on her face and does everything she can to comfort us when we are feeling down or confined (yes, even when she feels like screaming).

Seriously, how does she hold it all together through all this stress and chaos? It’s because she loves you and always gives her all to put your happiness before her own. There aren’t too many people in our lives that will do that for us. That’s why Mother’s Day is so important. It’s the one day of the year reserved just for mothers to show how much we appreciate all she does. 

Your Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020 (And How To Shop For Her During The Quarantine)

It’s hard enough to find the perfect gift to show mom (or the mother of your children) just how much of a rock star she is, and it’s even harder to do at the moment when we can’t just go to the local shopping mall. Well, we at Chrysmela have always put Mom’s peace of mind first, and now we are here to help put your mind at ease with this handy Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020.

Whether you’re in search of Mother’s Day gifts for your wife, or Mother’s Day gifts for your wife from the kids, or even if you are just looking for really cool gifts for mom, we’ve got your back. After all, she’s been so incredible this whole time, and right now she’s been showing just how huge a super hero she really is. She deserves something that will make her feel beautiful as well, especially if she hasn’t been able to go to the salon for a while.

Chrysmela was created to lower the stress level of all the women out there with beautiful earrings to keep safe and secure. That’s why we developed the most secure earring back on the market today. We want this amazing woman to have that same peace of mind no matter how tricky this Mother’s Day is bound to be. We delved into the vast depths of the internet to find the best-selling Mother’s Day gifts, so that your clicking finger can have a rest, and boy are our researchers tired. Thankfully, they have narrowed it all down to find the most cool Mother’s Day gifts.

Are you ready to dive in? Of course, you are, because Chrysmela has made it SUPER easy for you with our super awesome amazing (but not quite as amazing as her) Mother’s Day gift guide 2020.

Mother's Day Gifts From Husband

If you are looking for ideas for cool Mother’s Day gifts for your wife, look no further. She’s probably feeling a little stressed, and wearing her sweats while on lockdown may be comfortable, but she may be starting to feel a little less glamorous. It’s time to change all that. There’s nothing like the gift of jewelry to help her look and feel beautiful and rto remind her of the goddess she is in your eyes.

  1. Family Tree of Life Charm $75-$100 - This lovely charm from Pandora can be worn on a necklace or bracelet. It can come in silver and 14K gold with cubic zirconia accent stones, or in rose gold. It features a tree of life with an extra charm engraved with the word “family” to always remind her of what a rock she is for your entire family. She’ll definitely feel how loved she is every time she wears this beautiful piece.
  2. Chrysmela Duchess Collection Earring Jackets with Swarovski Crystals $135 - Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020 wouldn’t be complete without these stunning earring jackets. No woman’s earring collection is complete without these artisan crafted delights designed to go with any set of earrings. They not only give versatility to her earrings, but they will make her sparkle and shine like the gorgeous princess she is.  With four beautiful styles available, why not get her a set of each (or buy her one a year and don’t worry about gift ideas again for the next three years). A special added bonus is that each set comes with our patented Chrysmela Catch earring backs to keep any pair she wears safe and sound.
  3. Jennifer Lopez Rose Gold Tone Watch $147 - This watch from Guess is fashionable and functional. Not only will she look like a million bucks while wearing it, but with all that bling, she will think you spent a fortune. It also comes in silver and gold tone. A busy mom on the go will just love this gorgeous Mother’s Day gift.
  4. Best Mom Ever Candle $26.99 - What does anyone love better than a surprise? Charmed has a beautiful “Best Mom Ever” candle with a surprise sterling silver ring inside. That special mother in your life can enjoy herself relaxing in a nice candle lit bath and end up with a beautiful ring to wear. You get to choose the size ring that the candle holds so it is sure to be the perfect fit every time.

Mothers Day Gifts From Son

If you are buying a gift for your mother, or a gift for your son to give his wife, these cool gifts for mom are sure to make her smile. The love between a mother and her son is such a special one, after all, mom is every man’s first love isn’t she? Why not give her a gift that shows her just how important that bond is to you. Here are the Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020 best gift ideas for a son to give his mother.

  1. Diamond Earring Studs - There are a wide range of prices and quality diamond studs out there, which make this a perfect gift idea for any budget. This is a can’t miss home run gift for any woman. There’s nothing like a sparkling set of diamond studs to make any woman feel stylish and classic. Pair them with a pair of Chrysmela Catch earring backs and she’ll be even happier knowing she’ll never have to worry about losing them.
  2. Chrysmela Catch Extra $50 -  If you want to give her a little break from the stress she has been under, a set of Chrysmela Catch earring backs are the answer. They are the most secure earring backs so she will have one less thing to worry about when she has to fight her way through the grocery store. 

Get them with the extra disc designed to lift larger diamonds and they are great for older earlobes that may have been weakened from years of wearing heavy earrings. They are easy to handle and their lift and lock technology makes them the best earring backs on the market today.

3. Gift Card - Another GREAT option is to give her a gift card to her favorite jewelry store. Gift cards come in a variety of values so they are sure to fit any budget, and this way she can pick out exactly what she wants. If you aren’t sure what her favorite store is, might we suggest Anne Sisteron. They have a great selection of beautiful jewelry and she can shop for her gift online!


Mothers Day Gifts From Daughter

Are you a woman shopping for a gift for your mother or a man looking for a gift for your daughter to give to your wife? This Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020 has some great choices for gifts that honor that special bond between Mother and daughter. 

  1. Swarovski pearl earring jackets  $85 - These gorgeous Swarovski pearl earring jackets come in white, pale pink, and light grey. Made by Chrysmela, they are both stunning and versatile, fitting easily onto any earring post. These earring jackets bring a stunning shimmer to any pair of earrings they are worn with, and every set of earring jackets come with a set of Chrysmela Catch earring backs. These are a perfect addition to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020.
  2. Lex & Lu 14k Two-tone Gold Mother and Daughter Breakable Hearts Charm $159.99 - This beautiful gift is two charms in one! Breakable so that both mother and daughter can have a charm for their necklace or bracelet that will let them carry a reminder of their beautiful bond anywhere they go. Made by Lex & Lu, these two tone 14K gold charms are sure to be a keepsake that will be treasured forever.
  3. Double Layer Travel Synthetic Leather Jewel Cabinet Gift Case $15.99 - Jewelry cases come in many shapes and sizes, but they are a must have for any woman on the go. What we love about this one is that it can fit in any purse or carry-on and it has a place for absolutely everything! There is a space for five necklaces or bracelets, countless rings, and up to ten pairs of earrings (because they are our favorite!). What a great way to make mom’s life a little easier by making sure she can carry all the jewelry she might need anywhere she goes.

Now All That’s Left Is To Sit Back And Relax

We hope our Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020 has helped you make shopping for the perfect gift a little less stressful and that the special mother in your life has an absolutely amazing Mother’s Day. We’ve made sure that all our suggestions are available online so you can do your shopping and have your gift delivered from home where you can be safe and sound. 

If you are separated from your mother this Mother’s day, we know how hard that can be, because she deserves the best day possible. That’s why having a lovely little something that can sparkle and shine (along with a call from you of course) is the perfect solution. Remember to stay home, stay safe, wash your hands often, and we will all get through this. Sending lots of love in these difficult times from Chrysmela, because we are Chrysmela, and we’ll always have your back. 💋

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